Eco Structures


I'm not an expert on these things, but I would think all of these structures would gain some LEED credit. You could definately say these design solutions are what you call sustainable. Click the link if you want to see some other designs.

10 Coolest Multifunctional Furniture Designs

mona lisa chair kwang hoo lee transformer furniture photo
Please check out how neat these designs are. Who thinks of these things?! How in the world does that jacket turn into a chair, or the entire that entire room collapse into a simple box. Crazy.

Eco Invades Window Design

As I was searching through different blogs for our assignment this week I stumbled upon this picture. This article was talking about the glam and creative design which shows up around the holiday season. This year, more retail stores are making an effort to combine asthetics with an environmentally pleasing, eye catching design. How awesome is this?!