Creative and Reusable Idea

I have an obsession with markers, colored pencils, sharpies, crayons, etc. I don't know about you, but if I go to Hobby Lobby or any other craft store, my 30 minute trip turns regularly with turn into a 2 hour trip. I ran across this picture and thought it was very creative. If it was me, I would get wrapping paper and wrap the inside and outside or paint eat roll. So here is your inspiration for this week, grab an item you might throw away and make it useful!

The Corona Beers company have tied in their passion for recycling and the environment with raising brand awareness through their Corona Save the Beach Project.  Each year they try to find a different way of drawing attention to the waste we deposit on European beaches, and through their website they encourage the public to register their votes for the dirtiest beaches. 
At the end of each successful campaign a beach is chosen and cleaned up by Corona. In June they designed, built and opened a very exclusive hotel in Rome. It was created by the German designer Ha Schult, and was made entirely from rubbish that had been collected from beaches. This is incredible!

Soul Searching

Studio or no studio, that was the question we kept asking ourselves over the past two weeks. Turns out, we did get destroyed, yet again, by a snow storm. Since this happened last week, I have become a pro at finding things to do and this week I made the decision to journal every day. I also saw this painting fitting because I love how it pulls you in, with every stroke, making the viewer judge whether this is real or not.

Whose says old dogs can learn new tricks?

I understand there are no pictures to draw you in, but if you would please click the link I promise you will not be disappointed. There story goes like so: I was bored during the snow storm, and I decided to check my facebook, which let to getting on STUMBLEUPON and then I found this amazing house! This incredible tiny church, have been turned into a ultra modern home, vaulted ceilings and all! Also, please look at the windows. I love when people get crazy design ideas and follow through with them!