While looking back on my presentation, I wanted to take this opportunity to note what I could of done differently. I am very excited I have had the opportunity to learn REVIT this semester. However, the program did hinder my design process for my perspectives. If I had practiced more over the winter break I strongly believe my perspective would of been more successful. Otherwise, I feel as if my presentation reflected not only professionalism but my personality as a whole.

Cafe Space

Here is my first rendering of my cafe space. Again, I am still working on applying materials and such! I put a couple tables with a concrete finish and a couple with a glass finish. I kept the chairs white for a neutral purpose right now. Let me know what you think :)
Here is more practice...

Revit Struggles

My first attempt EVER at Revit Rendering. This is my raw rending of my gallery space. I turned my artificial and natural lighting on, but for some reason I am getting more light casting shadows behind me instead of through the windows in the gallery AND the recessed lighting is not working. Also, I have created shelving for my artwork display and I was wondering how to insert a recessed light since it is not a ceiling. Thanks guys!!

This is an idea I found for my lounge area right out side of my cafe. It is from a website called I would definitely encourage all my other classmates to spend some time on the site. Really helpful!