Design Concept

Ok guys, so here is a sample of my concept board for my project! I am going to design an "Arts Center" which will compose of a Recording Studios, Dance Studios, Art and other classrooms as well as a Lounge and Bookstore. My building will be located in arts district of Deep Ellum which is outside of Downtown Dallas. I chose to use the metaphor of a skyline to inspire and direct my decision making process this semester. A skyline can be viewed as a whole city from a distance but its individual programs/buildings as well as its urban planning ultimately define its personality.

Crystal Bridges

 On Monday, our Senior Studio class was able to visit this incredible museum which recently opened in Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum is known for its breath-taking architecture, beautiful trails, and pieces of American Art by various artists such as Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Norman Rockwell, etc... My favorite feature of the museum was this last supper piece created with hanging spools of yarn. The image was designed upside down so the viewer is able to look through this glass ball as the image is projected right side up. Amazing...