Rendering the Unconventional Office Space

A Russian designer by the name of Stanislav Orekhov is famous for his skills in rendering life-like environments! How perfect is this, since this week we are all working on rendering office spaces. These are some of his unconventional looking office spaces with an emphasis on public spaces (common areas) within offices. I personally like the tennis court and the green turf in the conference building! Good luck with rendering!

A Blog About Blogs

This first blog is my favorite of the two I have found this week. The most exciting part to the site is each home displayed is actually for Australia. I desire to go study abroad terribly, and have done my research but I had no idea Australia had these gorgeous homes to offer.

This second blog is by a lady names Julia who happens to be obsessed with houses. I thought it was interesting she is not a designer but just finds looking at houses as her form of entertainment. As you can tell in the photo, she finds everything from tv/movie homes to before & after photos.

I hope you take a look at both of these and find them just as inspiring as I did! Have fun!